Am I 'The Real Charlotte'?

Am I 'Charlotte'?

Am I 'Charlotte'?

I’ve a sneaky feeling that I may regret writing this post, but I think it’s time for me to respond to those of you who keep asking:

Am I the Real Charlotte’?

The short answer is, no, I’m not, but there are elements of me in Charlotte.

I wish I could lay claim to Charlotte’s spectacular good looks, but alas, I can’t. There was a time, twenty years ago, when perhaps I could. Then, I had the figure and even the red hair. These days, I’m afraid, gravity is winning over elasticity and my red hair needs a lot of maintenance from the hairdresser. Still…. It’s nice to remember when it was otherwise. 😊

As to the rest, Charlotte is training to be an Engineer. And that part is true. I was, in real life, a qualified Engineer. I went to university, got my BSc and my Institution memberships and practised professionally for some years. That was in the days when I held down a ‘real job’. I can write very confidently about what she does and what is involved in the work because I did it myself in real life. In truth, my training happened on about the same timescale as James’, not Charlotte’s. If you recall the short anecdote where James tells her how he was taught computing as Fortran on the University mainframe? (The Virgin and the Masters) That was how I was taught.

And when he tells how he had to create a program using a set of punched cards, and a friend knocked them out of his hand and he had to do the whole lot again…. That’s a true story, and it happened to me.

The BDSM stuff? Do you think I could write what I do without knowing something about it? Really? However, as to asking if I have really done the things that Charlotte does, all I will say is that I’ve done some of it. Beyond that, a lady has to have her secrets lol!

I’ll leave it at that for now. I may write more about this another time 😊