Unchained Melody

'Unchained Melody' by The Righteous Brothers

One of my all-time favourite tracks.

This is what I had Charlotte, Michael and James dancing to at the end of 'The Virgin's Summer'

Also used in 'Ghost' for the 'Potter's Wheel' scene

Our last evening before I leave.
“I’m going to miss this place.” I say.
My Master’s hand on my shoulder, we both gaze out, to where the grey sea tumbles surf over the sands. Clouds loom, threatening the first of the Autumn storms. Music plays softly in the background; some lovely, lyrical piece that leaves me swaying in time.
“I daresay Haswell will be happy enough to let us use it again from time to time.”
Gulls wheel in the sky, buffeted by the winds, occasionally diving into the roiling waters for fish.
“What would you like to do this evening?” asks my Master.
“I’d prefer to stay here; to just enjoy being with you both.”
The music grows suddenly louder. We turn. Michael is there, adjusting the volume. ‘Unchained Melody’ ripples through the room.
‘…. Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch….”
“Dance with me.” he smiles, arms held out.
“Um, I’d love to, but…”
“I don’t dance very well.”
“I don’t believe that for a minute. Here…” He takes me at the waist and the shoulder. “Just follow my feet.”
He leads me, dancing to the sway and rhythm of the beautiful song. I look down, trying to follow his feet with mine. He moves so beautifully; graceful, like an athlete. My own clumsy efforts to follow him embarrass me.
…. Lonely rivers flow, To the sea, to the sea…
“Don’t stop. You just need practice, that’s all.” He leads me around the floor, and it becomes easier, as I ease into his rhythm. He watches me all the time, guiding me around the room. So close to me, I can smell him, clean, piny, masculine.
…. Time goes by so slowly, And time can do so much, Are you still mine…..?
My Master, leaning back against the wall, arms folded, watches us, silently, smiling.
As we pass him, Michael pauses, turns me to face him, offering me.
He holds out his hand in invite, my tall, dark Master, and as I take it, his other hand on my waist, he kisses me softly on the lips and continues the dance.
…. I need your love, I need your love, God speed your love to me….
He still says nothing, but his eyes, on mine, are warm. We spiral through the room, the music enfolding me, seducing my senses.…
“You want to make love?” he murmurs.
“You mean that’s not what we’re doing?”
He raises his eyes to meet Michael’s, who holds out his hand, wiggling his fingers for mine. Each of them holding a hand, they lead me upstairs.