BDSM Erotica - the Subs have the Power?

Reviews have been really catching my eye recently, especially since I have been putting some effort into getting more of them (want to join my ARC Team? Scroll down). Now, it's a pleasant part of the work anyway. In essence, I'm asking people to go online and say something about my books, and since I'm asking established readers, I can reasonably assume that most of them will say something nice - which is fun :-)

But sometimes, there is more to a review than that, and as they pop up, I'll chat about some of these. This is one that caught my eye, and I've highlighted the part that really interested me.

5.0 out of 5 stars ' Exciting' By Sandy on August 6, 2017

"I read the books individually that comprised the 1st box set of books.

Was really happy when I discovered there was a 2nd box set of the continuing relationship of this threesome. I love the dynamics between Charlotte, her Master and her Lover.

One of the reasons why I like Simone Leigh is that she makes her characters and what is happening feels so genuine. Like how different each man is towards Charlotte.

Simone doesn't write in a way that diminishes or degrades Charlotte. So many of this type of genre starts out with women who don't have much self-esteem. That is not the case with Charlotte and the 2 men also respect her.

Plus, I really love how good of a job Simone does with writing erotica. The erotica is why I read this genre. I don't want to wait until half way through the book before you get to the erotica. I haven't been disappointed ever reading one of Simone Leigh's books."

Now the part I've highlighted, really made me think, because it's quite correct. I love reading erotica every bit as much as writing it, and as you can imagine, doing what I do for a living, I read a lot of it.

And yes, so much of it, especially the BDSM themed stories, starts with a woman who is completely out of control of her life.

And yet surely, the whole point of erotica, and in particular of BDSM erotica, is that it is about a woman (Okay - I write Male-Dom/Female-Sub stories, so let's take that as the topic...) being in charge of what happens and where the limits are.

Famously, for anyone involved in the BDSM lifestyle, the Sub has the power. She is the one who has the safety words and says when and how they apply.

So why do we need so many stories about women who have lost control? BDSM should be about Women/Subs who have chosen their lifestyle and Men/Doms who get the benefit of that.

Food for thought.....