The Results of Last Week's Competition and This Week's New Competition


Buying the Virgin Box Set One - FREE DOWNOAD

Buying the Virgin Box Set One - FREE DOWNOAD

Following the poll of a couple of weeks ago, in which 85% of you voted 'Yes' to the question of whether I should write a version of the early episodes of 'Buying the Virgin' told from the point of view of Michael, I said last week that I will be writing this story, but also (again at Readers' request) with the addition also of James' point of view.

And I gave you a competition: to come up with the title for the new series of books.

Once more, over the last week, I've been thrilled with both the number of entries to the competition and the wide range of ideas you came up with.

And yet again, thank you for all your lovely comments.



The Result!

Four of you all came up with the same winning entry, and so four of you are joint winners:

The Winning Title is 'Mastering the Virgin'

The winners will receive their prize of the complete set of the 'Mastering the Virgin' stories, sent to you as I get each one written and published. 

So, 'Robin', 'Alice', 'Lorie' and 'Debra', thank you very much for your joint winning entries, and I do hope you enjoy the new retelling of the story. 

I'd like to give you 'honorable mention' in the book,  and I'm going to assume that you would like me to, but please do let me know if you prefer me not to.

And now, I have another competition for you, again relating to 'Mastering the Virgin'.


Charlotte and James

Charlotte and James

For those of you who have followed Charlotte's tale from the beginning, you know that in his head, and occasionally out loud, Michael calls her 'Babe'.

But I have always (deliberately) kept James' thoughts hidden. and so no-one (yet) knows what James calls her in his head.

It will be a name that captures Charlotte's personality and her relationship with her Master. She's intelligent and self-reliant. She's not a Little, and she's not truly a Sub, except for Him. He doesn't just love her, he admires her.

To enter the competition, please click the button below and fill in the form. Much as I love getting mail from you guys, for something like this, I need all the entries in one place :-)

You can make as many entries as you wish, and feel free to be inventive. Good luck!


What does James, Charlotte's Master, call her when he is thinking about her?


The prize for the winning entry will be the complete set of the stories in this series, sent to you direct as soon as I publish them.

PLUS (should you wish it), Honorable Mention in the books for coming up with James' name for Charlotte's.

If you would like to enter, click through to the form below. Feel free to make multiple entries if you wish. You don't have to give me your name and email to complete the form, but remember that I can't give prizes if I don't know who you are lol!