Results From Last Week's Reader Poll


I put a poll in front of you last week. Here's a reminder of what it was about:

The character Michael, Charlotte's 'Golden Lover' and later, her husband....

The early episodes in the series (Buying the Virgin, Box Sets One and Two, plus 'The Virgin's Summer'), are all written entirely from Charlotte's point of view. Only in 'The Virgin and the Masters' do I start to bring in Michael's point of view.

I've had a few emails recently requesting a version of those early episodes written as Michael saw events.

I asked how many of you would like to read this.

The Question

Would you like to read the early episodes of 'Buying the Virgin' written from Michael's point of view?

The Results

At the time of writing, there have been 330 responses. Thank you to all of you who took time out to contribute. I have left the form open to responses, so you can still take part if you would like to.

The result is overwhelmingly that you would like to read Michael's point of view in the stories.

86% of you want to read this!

Only 3% said they were not interested.

I call that a Result!

The Comments

But there is more to it. Here are some sample comments:

"I wonder what James' point of view is. He seems kind of mysterious...."

"James's point of view would be interesting also"

"Love the whole series and would it if along with Michaels point of view we could also have her Master, James' point of view too"

"I would love to hear his thoughts during the bidding process and perhaps even his thoughts about how he chose Charlotte out of all the girls. He is a highly intelligent and sexual being and his process into the reason for choosing this sale from others. I mean he told her that he had never done this before so she was unique in that aspect."

There were lots more comments of this type, requesting that Charlotte's Master, James' point of view be included also.

And on the subject of Masters....

A Master in the Bedroom

A Master in the Bedroom

The Conclusion

YES! I will write a version of the early parts of 'Buying the Virgin' rewritten from Michael AND James' point of view.

Other Feedback

For those of you who raised other points:

1) THANK YOU! for all the lovely things you said about my stories and how much you enjoy reading them.

2) Yes, I will write this sequence of stories immediately after I finish 'Kirstie's Tale', BUT, that doesn't mean that there are no further plans for Charlotte, Michael, and James. Later this year I will be writing 'The Virgin's Search' which continues the story from the point after 'The Virgin's Wedding'.

3) There are a few comments of this sort....

"We know James got the idea for Michael to marry Charlotte early just not when."

"I would love to know how he felt when he shared her in Buying the Virgin!!"

"Would like to know how James and Michael became friends. They're so different."

For those of you who asked for answers to specific points in the storyline that you would like 'filling out'; yes, I will be addressing those questions. And in a week or so, I will be asking you a bit more about this, but right now, here's another question for you....

What should the title be for this new series?

This Week's Competition

I am going to be writing this new set of stories at the behest of you folks out there, so I think it is only fitting that you have your chance for an input to the stories. So, here is this week's opportunity to have your say:


What should the Series Title be for a new set of stories in the 'Buying the Virgin' series, told from the point of view of Michael and James?


The prize for the winning entry will be the complete set of the stories in this series, sent to you direct as soon as I publish them.

PLUS (should you wish it), Honorable Mention in the books for coming up with the title.

If you would like to enter, click through to the form below. Feel free to make multiple entries if you wish. You don't have to give me your name and email to complete the form, but remember that I can't give prizes if I don't know who you are lol!