Coming Soon..... 'Black as Sleep'

Part Three of 'Tales of Blood & Darkness'

Like Your Stories Dark?

Try the 'Tales of Blood and Darkness'.

Old Tales Retold to Chill the Bones.

Not for the Kiddies.

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Black as Sleep

Part Three of 'Tales of Blood and Darkness'

Adult Fairy Tale.

A Dark Retelling of the Old Story of 'Sleeping Beauty'.

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Red as Blood

Red as Blood

Little Red Riding Hood?

Belle is eighteen and should be a woman. Terrified that she may be barren and have no future, she confides in her Grandmother.
But as the moon waxes full, she learns that her family has a secret.....
Darkly erotic re-telling of an old fairy tale.


White as Bone

White as Bone

White as Snow?

When you are innocent, but cursed, every hand is raised against you.
Shunned and outcast, will Alba survive the hatred of the Queen and find her Prince?