NEW RELEASE! 'White as Bone'

Book Two of 'Tales of Blood and Darkness'

Now out, Book Two in this collection of dark fairy tale re-tellings:

white as bone

White as Bone

When you are innocent, but cursed, every hand is raised against you.

Re-telling of an old fairy tale.
Not for the kiddies.

Some mild sexual content.
Approx 5,000 words

And if you haven't encountered 'Tales of Blood and Darkness before, try the free download 'Red as Blood'

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Red as Blood


Little Red Riding Hood?
Belle is eighteen and should be a woman. Terrified that she may be barren and have no future, she confides in her Grandmother.
But as the moon waxes full, she learns that her family has a secret.....
Darkly erotic re-telling of an old fairy tale.