Writing Book Reviews

What to Write in a Book Review


I've had a couple of the members of my ARC Team come back to me over the last week or so asking me to say what I would like you to write for book reviews.

Thank you, but it doesn't work like that. lol!

Amazon and the rest of the e-stores would skin me, and any other author (or for that matter any supplier of any product) if they thought I was telling people what to put in reviews of my books. It's the sort of thing that would get my account cancelled....


However, for some general guidelines:

Did you like the story?

Why did you (or not) like the story? The plot? The characters? The writing style?

Whatever works for you on that is fine.

Sometimes a short quote is good if anything particularly made you sit up or gave you the flavour of the book.

What you don't do, is retell the plot and spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet. In particular, don't reveal cliff-hangers. It's fine to say there IS a cliff-hanger - some readers definitely don't like them, so it's fair warning for them. But don't give details, such as what happens at the end of 'The Virgin and the Masters' Part Five.

Or it's fine to say there's an HEA, or to say that the HEA comes in a later book, but don't write spoilers for other readers.

You don't need to write an essay. A couple of sentences is fine, even a couple of words can be good so long as it gives a useful message to other readers.

You might find this helpful - I don't know the author concerned, but it's a useful little article on the subject.


Hope all that helps.....

And thank you for your help.

Happy Reading :-)

Simone xx