Last Week's Question - Should I Produce Paperbacks?

Books by Simone Leigh

Books by Simone Leigh

I posted last week in response to a couple of e-mails I'd had asking if I had any plans to publish my stories as 'hard' copies.

As I explained, it's really not something I'd considered because the process of publishing to paperback or hardback is complicated and time consuming. And the resulting books are expensive. In short, I'd rather be writing, which is the part I enjoy, and I'd like to think I'm quite good at it.

At any rate, I thought it was worth asking you the question: Do you want me to publish in paperback?

As usual when I ask you something, I got a really good feedback, certainly enough to be able to reach a sensible conclusion.

The result: only about 15% of you would be interested in paperbacks of my stories. The overwhelming majority, for a variety of reasons, prefer e-books.

The only real exception, which a few people mentioned, was some sort of 'Collectors' Edition' on 'Buying the Virgin' - So I might look at that again when Charlotte's saga is complete....

*Sigh of relief.......*

*Thank f**k for that....*


I really didn't want to have to produce paperbacks as routine, but I always try to deliver what I think my readers want.

Anyway, as they say in politics 'the people have spoken' and they said 'No'.

E-Books it is then :-) 

Thanks a lot.

Simone xx