Last Week's Question - Should I Produce Paperbacks?

Books by Simone Leigh

Books by Simone Leigh

I posted last week in response to a couple of e-mails I'd had asking if I had any plans to publish my stories as 'hard' copies.

As I explained, it's really not something I'd considered because the process of publishing to paperback or hardback is complicated and time consuming. And the resulting books are expensive. In short, I'd rather be writing, which is the part I enjoy, and I'd like to think I'm quite good at it.

At any rate, I thought it was worth asking you the question: Do you want me to publish in paperback?

As usual when I ask you something, I got a really good feedback, certainly enough to be able to reach a sensible conclusion.

The result: only about 15% of you would be interested in paperbacks of my stories. The overwhelming majority, for a variety of reasons, prefer e-books.

The only real exception, which a few people mentioned, was some sort of 'Collectors' Edition' on 'Buying the Virgin' - So I might look at that again when Charlotte's saga is complete....

*Sigh of relief.......*

*Thank f**k for that....*


I really didn't want to have to produce paperbacks as routine, but I always try to deliver what I think my readers want.

Anyway, as they say in politics 'the people have spoken' and they said 'No'.

E-Books it is then :-) 

Thanks a lot.

Simone xx

New Release: 'Allies' - 'Mastering the Virgin' Part Three

Now Available from All the Usual E-Book Outlets

'Allies' - Part Three of 'Mastering the Virgin'

'Allies' - Part Three of 'Mastering the Virgin'

99 Cents for a Limited Time Only

'The Virgin and the Masters' by Simone Leigh

Her Past Returns

'The Virgin and the Masters' by Simone Leigh

'The Virgin and the Masters' by Simone Leigh

Charlotte the (Ex) Virgin, may think her past lies behind her, but if it returns to haunt her, what will be the consequences? And who will pay?

This is the continuing story of a young woman with her two masters, in a story of BDSM, romantic erotica.

This Box Set Contains:
Book 17 - The Virgin and the Masters - Part 1
Book 18 - The Virgin and the Masters – Part 2
Book 19 - The Virgin and the Masters - Part 3
Book 20 - The Virgin and the Masters - Part 4
Book 21 - The Virgin and the Masters - Part 5
Book 22 - The Virgin and the Masters - Part 6
Total Approx 84,000 Words
Adult content. For mature readers only

Available from all the usual ebook outlets

'Partners' - Part Two of 'Mastering the Virgin' - Now Out

Well, I was held up by holiday visits to the UK, guests in the house and 'real life' in general. But I finally got it out. 'Partners' is up and published or publishing at all the usual eBook outlets.

Partners - Mastering the Virgin - Part Two

Partners - Mastering the Virgin - Part Two

I've been so nervous about writing this series. When I initially received an email from a reader asking if it would be possible to re-write the 'Buying the Virgin' series, told from the point of view of the guys, I pretty much ignored it. But then, when I had a second similar request (entirely by co-incidence I'm sure) only a couple of days later, it made me think.

As it happens, there's a famous (much more so than me lol!) example on-going right now. E. L. James wrote the first three books of 'Fifty Shades of Grey', but is now re-telling the story from Christian's point of view in 'Grey'. For myself, I'm enjoying the retelling, but I didn't want to appear to be 'cashing in....'

And so, it seemed the best thing to do, to ask my readers what they thought of the idea. Putting a post up in my newsletter produced hundreds of responses. I was staggered. I'd thought I might get a couple of dozen. And then, to top it, 85% of the replies said that it was something they would want to read.

Another questionnaire to my readers, and again, a huge response, with suggestions to name the new series. The winner was 'Mastering the Virgin' and the four readers who all came up with that suggestion get a mention in the dedication at the front of the books.

And so, I started writing, worrying all the time about whether I could tell the same story again, with enough pizzazz to entertain folks who already know the tale.

But it looks as though I needn't have worried. 'Friends' was first released about a month ago, and did extremely well. In fact I actually made it into the top 100 Amazon Erotica writers at number 83 (very briefly - it lasted a couple of hours lol!). I was thrilled!

So here we are. 'Partners' is out. The next in the sequence will be 'Allies', and hopefully, events and adventures in the lives of James, Michael and Charlotte will continue to entertain.

I'll do my best anyway....

Happy Reading :-)

Simone xx

'Friends' - Mastering the Virgin, Part One

'Friends' - Mastering the Virgin, Part One

The Boys are Back in Town....

James is a Dom. Michael loves women.

When the two become unlikely friends, they form a team, working the clubs and enjoying a carefree bachelor existence.

Until, one day, James is offered an unusual opportunity: to Buy A Virgin...

A Tale of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance

'Allies' - Mastering the Virgin, Part Three

'Allies' - Mastering the Virgin, Part Three

She's Bought and Sold

James and Michael begin to realise that James' planned week of fun and adventure with his 'purchase' may have more effect on them than they anticipated....

Watch this Space.....

'A Dream of White Horses' - Where Did I Get the Title?

Part One of 'Kirstie's Tale'

A Dream of White Horses

A Dream of White Horses

I've been meaning to share this little story for a while and not gotten around to it.

In my story,  'A Dream of White Horses', I present the clue to the title as a question from Ryan to Kirsty.

“So, if you and I hooked up, this would be strictly a casual thing. You’re not husband-hunting? Looking for a partner or long-term relationship?

“Nope. Not me. I don’t want to be tied at the hip. I like a bit of fun a couple of times a week, and then my own life back.”

“So, no dreams of white horses then?”

“White horses?”

“Bearing princes in shining armour, come to carry you off for happily-ever-afters in some far away kingdom?”

I laugh. “Not me.”

But in fact, that is not where I got the title at all. It came from somewhere entirely different:

A few months ago, I was already intending to write a story to introduce a couple of new characters into the tale of Charlotte, James and Michael, but I wanted this new story to be a definite romance, rather than straight erotica. But I was having trouble thinking of a suitable title.

A Dream of White Horses by Edwin Drummond

A Dream of White Horses by Edwin Drummond

Anyhow, I was watching a TV program about, of all things, rock climbing. It's not a subject that interests me as, while I enjoy walking fells and mountains, I like my feet firmly on the ground. The fact is, I was tired and I had, purely accidentally, channel-hopped onto the program.

The presenter was talking about a famous rock-climb on the extreme west coast of the UK at a place called Wen Zawn, Gogarth, North Stack. The climb is a precipitous drop over the sea, dropping onto rocks lashed by the water and breaking into the surf.

And a famous photograph has been taken of this climb, showing the surf crashing against the rock. It is titled 'A Dream of White Horses', and this became the name of the climb. There is even a book of the same name about it.

And as I heard the words, I had the title of my next story. All I had to do next was to come up with a story to fit the title :-)

And thus were Kirstie and Ryan born :-)

Unchained Melody

'Unchained Melody' by The Righteous Brothers

One of my all-time favourite tracks.

This is what I had Charlotte, Michael and James dancing to at the end of 'The Virgin's Summer'

Also used in 'Ghost' for the 'Potter's Wheel' scene

Our last evening before I leave.
“I’m going to miss this place.” I say.
My Master’s hand on my shoulder, we both gaze out, to where the grey sea tumbles surf over the sands. Clouds loom, threatening the first of the Autumn storms. Music plays softly in the background; some lovely, lyrical piece that leaves me swaying in time.
“I daresay Haswell will be happy enough to let us use it again from time to time.”
Gulls wheel in the sky, buffeted by the winds, occasionally diving into the roiling waters for fish.
“What would you like to do this evening?” asks my Master.
“I’d prefer to stay here; to just enjoy being with you both.”
The music grows suddenly louder. We turn. Michael is there, adjusting the volume. ‘Unchained Melody’ ripples through the room.
‘…. Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch….”
“Dance with me.” he smiles, arms held out.
“Um, I’d love to, but…”
“I don’t dance very well.”
“I don’t believe that for a minute. Here…” He takes me at the waist and the shoulder. “Just follow my feet.”
He leads me, dancing to the sway and rhythm of the beautiful song. I look down, trying to follow his feet with mine. He moves so beautifully; graceful, like an athlete. My own clumsy efforts to follow him embarrass me.
…. Lonely rivers flow, To the sea, to the sea…
“Don’t stop. You just need practice, that’s all.” He leads me around the floor, and it becomes easier, as I ease into his rhythm. He watches me all the time, guiding me around the room. So close to me, I can smell him, clean, piny, masculine.
…. Time goes by so slowly, And time can do so much, Are you still mine…..?
My Master, leaning back against the wall, arms folded, watches us, silently, smiling.
As we pass him, Michael pauses, turns me to face him, offering me.
He holds out his hand in invite, my tall, dark Master, and as I take it, his other hand on my waist, he kisses me softly on the lips and continues the dance.
…. I need your love, I need your love, God speed your love to me….
He still says nothing, but his eyes, on mine, are warm. We spiral through the room, the music enfolding me, seducing my senses.…
“You want to make love?” he murmurs.
“You mean that’s not what we’re doing?”
He raises his eyes to meet Michael’s, who holds out his hand, wiggling his fingers for mine. Each of them holding a hand, they lead me upstairs.

Free Book 12th to 16th Sept 'The Gentlemen's Club' by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

gentlemens club

If you are a fan of the lovely Emmanuelle de Maupassant, this one's worth grabbing while she has it up for free.

I read 'The Gentlemen's Club' a few month's ago and I loved it. It ranges between sensual to sensitive to downright debauched and it is NOT for the easily offended.

I also wrote a short review for it at the time. I've added the link below in case you're interested.

But if you want a jolly romp, grab your copy quickly

Victorian London 1898

Lord McCauley falls under the enchantment of Mademoiselle Noire. Humiliated by her before his peers, he becomes intent on revenge, but is drawn only further into her web, entering a dark spiral of erotic obsession.

Meanwhile, by day, Lord McCaulay’s path intersects that of young aristocrat Maud, as she struggles to assert her identity against the domination of men.

'We live in the wondrous here and now and it's here that our flesh must take its pleasure. Your body is yours and yours alone, but not for long, and never long enough.'

Recommended by Stylist Magazine: a 'mind-blowing' read.


New Release - 'Duo' Two Short Stories

Two Short Stories



'Love By The Waters'


Driven to suicide by the emptiness of her life, Tania discovers that wishes can come true.....

Love By The Waters

Whilst taking a holiday along the beautiful West Coast of Scotland, Simone meets and interesting stranger....

Total approx 7,300 words

99 cents on Amazon or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

BDSM Erotica - the Subs have the Power?

Reviews have been really catching my eye recently, especially since I have been putting some effort into getting more of them (want to join my ARC Team? Scroll down). Now, it's a pleasant part of the work anyway. In essence, I'm asking people to go online and say something about my books, and since I'm asking established readers, I can reasonably assume that most of them will say something nice - which is fun :-)

But sometimes, there is more to a review than that, and as they pop up, I'll chat about some of these. This is one that caught my eye, and I've highlighted the part that really interested me.

5.0 out of 5 stars ' Exciting' By Sandy on August 6, 2017

"I read the books individually that comprised the 1st box set of books.

Was really happy when I discovered there was a 2nd box set of the continuing relationship of this threesome. I love the dynamics between Charlotte, her Master and her Lover.

One of the reasons why I like Simone Leigh is that she makes her characters and what is happening feels so genuine. Like how different each man is towards Charlotte.

Simone doesn't write in a way that diminishes or degrades Charlotte. So many of this type of genre starts out with women who don't have much self-esteem. That is not the case with Charlotte and the 2 men also respect her.

Plus, I really love how good of a job Simone does with writing erotica. The erotica is why I read this genre. I don't want to wait until half way through the book before you get to the erotica. I haven't been disappointed ever reading one of Simone Leigh's books."

Now the part I've highlighted, really made me think, because it's quite correct. I love reading erotica every bit as much as writing it, and as you can imagine, doing what I do for a living, I read a lot of it.

And yes, so much of it, especially the BDSM themed stories, starts with a woman who is completely out of control of her life.

And yet surely, the whole point of erotica, and in particular of BDSM erotica, is that it is about a woman (Okay - I write Male-Dom/Female-Sub stories, so let's take that as the topic...) being in charge of what happens and where the limits are.

Famously, for anyone involved in the BDSM lifestyle, the Sub has the power. She is the one who has the safety words and says when and how they apply.

So why do we need so many stories about women who have lost control? BDSM should be about Women/Subs who have chosen their lifestyle and Men/Doms who get the benefit of that.

Food for thought.....

Coming Soon - 'Partners' - 'Mastering the Virgin' Part Two

'Partners' - 'Mastering the Virgin' Part Two

'Partners' - 'Mastering the Virgin' Part Two

'Partners' Part Two of 'Mastering the Virgin'

Coming Soon... Part Two of the series I am writing in direct response to those of my readers who love 'Buying the Virgin' and who wanted to read the story as told from the point of view of Charlotte's Masters, James and Michael.

Watch this space.....

And if you haven't read 'Buying the Virgin', and you don't know Charlotte, you can read where is all began as a free download from all the usual ebook outlets:

New Release: 'Friends' - 'Mastering the Virgin' - Part One

New Release: 'Friends'

'Mastering the Virgin' Part One

James is a Dom. Michael loves women.

When the two become unlikely friends, the form a team, working the clubs and enjoying a carefree bachelor existence.

Until, one day, James if offered an unusual opportunity: to Buy A Virgin....

A Tale of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance.

Explicit adult content. For mature readers only

Available from all the usual eBook outlets


Am I 'The Real Charlotte'?

Am I 'Charlotte'?

Am I 'Charlotte'?

I’ve a sneaky feeling that I may regret writing this post, but I think it’s time for me to respond to those of you who keep asking:

Am I the Real Charlotte’?

The short answer is, no, I’m not, but there are elements of me in Charlotte.

I wish I could lay claim to Charlotte’s spectacular good looks, but alas, I can’t. There was a time, twenty years ago, when perhaps I could. Then, I had the figure and even the red hair. These days, I’m afraid, gravity is winning over elasticity and my red hair needs a lot of maintenance from the hairdresser. Still…. It’s nice to remember when it was otherwise. 😊

As to the rest, Charlotte is training to be an Engineer. And that part is true. I was, in real life, a qualified Engineer. I went to university, got my BSc and my Institution memberships and practised professionally for some years. That was in the days when I held down a ‘real job’. I can write very confidently about what she does and what is involved in the work because I did it myself in real life. In truth, my training happened on about the same timescale as James’, not Charlotte’s. If you recall the short anecdote where James tells her how he was taught computing as Fortran on the University mainframe? (The Virgin and the Masters) That was how I was taught.

And when he tells how he had to create a program using a set of punched cards, and a friend knocked them out of his hand and he had to do the whole lot again…. That’s a true story, and it happened to me.

The BDSM stuff? Do you think I could write what I do without knowing something about it? Really? However, as to asking if I have really done the things that Charlotte does, all I will say is that I’ve done some of it. Beyond that, a lady has to have her secrets lol!

I’ll leave it at that for now. I may write more about this another time 😊

Interesting Review - 'The Virgin's Summer' - 'Buying the Virgin' Box Set Three

The Virgin's Summer

(Buying the Virgin Box Set Three)

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance

The Virgin's Summer

I had this very interesting review for 'The Virgin's Summer' yesterday.

It really made me think about the impact we writers can have on people's lives:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Too good to put down

By mysticdixie on September 5, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I've been reading these books for a while and this author Simone Leigh is by far the best.

Yes, the books get their readers hot and bothered with all the BDSM but if you actually read the books you find that the love that is between Charlotte, James and Michael is something beyond reproach.

It reminds people that there is more to life than the here and now. Everyone has a past. It's what propels us to be who we are, but the past doesn't confine us to who we become.

These books also remind people that just because what some view as disgusting or pornographic or sadistic is in all actuality fuelled by different reasons.

In Charlotte's case, it's a strive to become better than what she was given growing up, and the love she develops is just as different.

It's like she tells Michael and James.... “that the straightest answer I can give to that, is that the ‘sub’ in me, is in love with him, but the woman in me is in love with you.”

"BDSM in All its Naked Glory...."

'The Virgin's Summer' 

By Simone Leigh

"The Virgin's Summer" - by Simone Leigh

"The Virgin's Summer" - by Simone Leigh

The Virgin’s Summer

There’s been some great reviews coming in recently for ‘The Virgin’s Summer’. I’m thrilled to bits with how fans of BDSM and ménage respond to the stories and the characters.

Here’s a sample:

"And the Story Continues"
After reading series sets one and two I now bring you set three. This is BDSM In all its naked glory. It features Charlotte and her interactive escapades with Michael and James. It is a far cry from sneaking a peak at your moma’s True Confession magazines back in the day! Ms. Leigh knows her stuff….
Must Read!!!!
Absolutely loved this book! Leigh does NOT disappoint. Fantastic storyline with amazing characters that you can't help but love. The storytelling was so in depth and developed. Just love Leigh's writing style. The story is hot, sexy, and steamy! Excellent HEA!!! Hooked from the first sentence. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.
….. I have read all of the books in this series and all of them have been extremely hot. My husband loves when I read these books as he gets to reap the benefits of their heat! This book goes way beyond my fantasies but it definitely gets my motor going!
A Very Pleasurable Read!
The third box set is just as scintillating as the first. This is my guilty pleasure!😉
Well Done Simone. Outstanding!

‘The Virgin’s Summer’ is Box Set Three of ‘Buying the Virgin’, but if you want to ‘Try Before You Buy’, Box Sets One and Two are FREE downloads.