FREE Book - Seduced by 2 by Kat Crimson

This was the first of Kat's stories that I ever read, and my first thought was that it was so well written. Kat describes her work as 'sweet, filthy, intelligent smut', and that describes it perfectly.

A really good read to get you hot and steamed over....


Seduced By 2

Happy to spend the night at home with her live-in lover, Max, Maya is surprised to find out he's made other plans for them. Plans which include inviting his drop-dead gorgeous, tongue tying, panty meltingly hot best friend, Foster over.

Max is convinced Maya doesn't like Foster, but thinks he can fix the problem if he can only get the two of them to spend some quality time together.

Maya's feelings for Foster are complicated. She feels guilty for harboring an attraction to Foster, that borders on obsession, even though she's head over heels in love with Max. And Foster's good looks make her so nervous and flustered that she can barely manage to speak in his presence.

No matter - these things tend to work themselves out when two rock hard alpha bad boys get their babygirl sandwiched between them on a tiny couch, in front of a blistering hot porn, while plying her with alcohol...