Forbidden Flowers by Nancy Friday

An old book this, and one of the first erotica books I ever read.

It's not fiction. Instead it is a set of collected women's fantasies, published at a time (the 1970's) when women were not supposed to enjoy sex.

The fantasies vary between sexy to ribald to downright disturbing, but always they are fascinating. Certainly many of them, were they written now as fiction, would not pass the 'Gate-Keepers' at Amazon, iBooks and the rest on what you are permitted to publish.

Unfortunately, because it is an old book, the kindle version is expensive, but if you can get you hands on a cheap second-hand paperback version, I recommend it as an absorbing read.


Forbidden Flowers

Since the 1968 publication of Nancy Friday's outspoken erotic masterpiece, My Secret Garden, women's sexual lives have undergone a revolution - and so have their fantasy lives. No longer ashamed to express the wild, exciting and sometimes outrageous thoughts that bring them so much sexual pleasure, the women who reveal their sexual fantasies in Forbidden Flowers are even more explicit than those in Nancy Friday's first international bestseller and iconic erotic book. 

Forbidden Flowers is a celebration of a new sexual and social freedom, where today's women rejoice in the awareness of their own inner erotic lives. Nancy Friday's ground-breaking work adds an exhilarating new freedom to the ever-changing relationship between the sexes; it is a revealing and empowering insight into female sexuality and psychology.