NEW RELEASE! Master Zane: The Rogue Aristocrat

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master zane

Master Zane


Flora is going to marry the man of her choice, but her father continues to insist she marry a German prince fifteen years her senior. In a fit of rebellion she runs away during a raging storm, only to crash head-long into a wall of a man. Tumbling to the ground she hits her head, and the last thing she remembers are warm brown eyes staring down at her. Zane De'Ville, a French aristocrat and infamous womanizer, finds himself taking care of a beautiful young lady suffering from amnesia, but is her memory lapse authentic? Maggie Carpenter, winner of Best Victorian Romance, Spanking Romance Reviews, 2015 and 2016, brings another sizzling love story to life. Can a French Casanova find true happiness? Has a willful young royal finally met a man she can't best?