Claimed by the Alpha Daddy by Leela Ash

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Claimed by the Alpha Daddy

***He has CLAIMED her, but was it a mistake? And can they come together to save everything he has worked for before it’s too late?***

Gabe is angry. He's angry that his wife died, and he's angry that his pack is urging him to move on. He's a loyal guy, and the idea of abandoning his wife's memory leaves him cold.
But when he lays eyes on young and sexy Valerie, the wolf within him is awakened.
She's the kind of pretty that only girls who don't think they're pretty can be, and when he finds her being harassed outside his store, he has no choice but to step in.

Without thinking twice, the wolf stakes its claim on her, forcing Val into his life forever.
Both of them are panicked by the mistake, and things go from bad to worse as Gabe begins to uncover a conspiracy involving the land where his shop resides. Gabe knows he can't betray his late wife, especially not with a girl half his age, but when he is forced to take her into his home for protection, will he be able to save her from himself?