New Rules by T N King

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New Rules

Life just couldn’t be better for Ellie White. Having the billionaire mogul by her fingertips, it feels like heaven is getting her life together while having a man like Morgan by her side. Everything has come full circle. Except—for the feeling she keeps getting that something lurks behind her—something dark and evil. 

Bringing in billions for Hunt Industries and keeping his girl by his side Morgan Hunt feels as if his future will be what he never dreamed possible. Everything is perfect—except for the feeling that something is wrong with his Ellie. When Morgan returns to New York, the trip brings forth a new set of problems to his life which risks him losing everything he had built, including Ellie. 

New Rules takes a dark turn for the two lovebirds as they take step into a hellish nightmare that may cost them everything. Can their relationship survives when an unknown enemy cross the line and threaten their future?