Caine - Bad Boy Bodyguard by Maggie Carpenter

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Taylor Morgan is running for her life. Her pursuer is close on her heels, and bursting through the door of what she believes is a trendy boutique, she frantically searches for a place to hide.

Caine McCormick, a lifestyle dominant, is shocked by the frantic appearance of the beautiful blonde in his BDSM toy store, but when she begs him for help he bustles her behind the counter. A moment later the thug chasing her charges through the door, but as Caine faces him down, Taylor sneaks out the back and disappears.

Caine can't help but worry. Why is she on the run? He wants to help, but he'll have to find her first.

Sizzling suspense, spicy spankings, and steamy sex fill the pages of this romantic crime thriller. If you enjoyed Motorcycle Master, you'll love this new bad boy romance, the sixth in the Alpha Male Master Series. HEA and STAND ALONE.