'Seduced by 2' by Kat Crimson

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Seduced by 2


Happy to spend the night at home with her live-in lover, Max, Maya is surprised to find out he's made other plans for them. Plans which include inviting his drop-dead gorgeous, tongue tying, panty meltingly hot best friend, Foster over.

Max is convinced Maya doesn't like Foster, but thinks he can fix the problem if he can only get the two of them to spend some quality time together.

Maya's feelings for Foster are complicated. She feels guilty for harboring an attraction to Foster, that borders on obsession, even though she's head over heels in love with Max. And Foster's good looks make her so nervous and flustered that she can barely manage to speak in his presence.

No matter - these things tend to work themselves out when two rock hard alpha bad boys get their babygirl sandwiched between them on a tiny couch, in front of a blistering hot porn, while plying her with alcohol...

'The Gentlemens' Club by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

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The Gentlemens' Club

Victorian London   1898

Lord McCaulay falls under the enchantment of Mademoiselle Noire, and her theatre of sexual exhibitionism. Humiliated by her before his peers, he becomes intent on revenge, but is drawn only further into her web, entering a dark spiral of erotic obsession.
Meanwhile, by day, Lord McCaulay's path intersects that of young aristocrat Maud, as she struggles to assert her identity against the domination of men.

'Noah' by Liz Gavin

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Noah Cartwright, restauranteur by day, rocker by night. Ana Oliveira, waitress by day, aspiring teacher by night. They've got little in common, except for a sizzling-hot chemistry. Will their passion burn bright and die like a shooting star? Or will they make passion last a lifetime?

Serial dating had its benefits. Being a sweet-talking American in a small seaside town in the Southern coast of Brazil took these benefits to a whole new level. Noah Cartwright’s thriving bistro and his budding rock band certainly didn’t hurt his image with the ladies. Except with Ana Oliveira. Too bad he never turned down a good challenge. He always got what he wanted and he wanted Ana.

Juggling college, a job at the best restaurant in town and a busy social life was not for the faint of heart, but Ana Oliveira aced it. The feisty red-head wouldn’t waste precious time on a wannabe rock star, though. It didn’t matter he was a drop-dead gorgeous, melt-your-panties-on-the-spot kind of guy. Noah Cartwright meant trouble and she didn’t need more of that in her life. She didn’t need to add getting dirty with the boss to that list.

With his friend and partner Tristan Knight away, struggling to mend his broken family, Noah needed to focus on Chez Nous Bistro and Knight’s Edge while Ana had to work hard to get her teaching credentials. Neither should have strayed yet they gravitated towards each other and the resulted collision changed both forever.

New Release and Price Promo - 'A Bite of Sin' by McKayla Schutt

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Release date 20th October

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A Bite of Sin

Holly wants love and affection and above all, to lose her virginity. She hates the label of being the only virgin in her group of friends. On her twenty first birthday, her sites are set on the sexy bartender with cognac eyes and sensual muscles. She never would have guessed he would be the alpha’s son. And things get even more complicated when they imprint. A bond begins to form between the two but werewolves mate for life. Once they complete the imprint bond there will be no turning back.

Greyson wants to prove to his father he is responsible. Owning ‘The Green Apple’ is just his way of proving he can run a business in New York City. Having a mate isn’t in his plans but fate doesn’t care. Holly is strong, sexy, and innocent like a saint. The vampires are starting to get bolder in their attacks against Greyson’s club and he’s itching to fight back but the alpha says no. When they kidnap Holly, all bets are off.

Brick by Samantha Leal (Forsaken Riders MC Romance Book 17)

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The small town of Slate Springs is hiding a wild and lawless secret... At the center of its quiet society is a ruthless motorcycle club, The Forsaken Riders. They are everything the straight laced town is not…wild, dangerous, full of themselves … and sexy as hell.

Independent Jasmine knows what she wants out of life. She wants to keep the apartment she has worked hard for, the job she loves at a clothes store, and her close network of friends. But when she unexpectedly gets fired, she finds her world turned upside down. 

When she stumbles across the advert for a Babysitter, the last thing she ever thought would happen would be that she is thrust right into the center of the crazy world of The Forsaken Riders, the local bike gang that are bad to the bone and dangerous as hell. 

But when the man who employers her is Brick, one of the Forsakens' longest running members, Jasmine discovers that there is more to life than she ever could have imagined. 

Suddenly quiet doesn't exist, and neither does her need to be wild, young and free... 

She's falling hard and fast for Brick... A Daddy biker who is a rough, dangerous, outlaw who sparks her most forbidden desires in a way no one ever has. 

'Partners' by Simone Leigh

Part Two of 'Mastering the Virgin'

Part One 'Friends' - Already Available - FREE Download

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'Partners' Part Two of 'Mastering the Virgin'

'Partners' Part Two of 'Mastering the Virgin'

'Friends' - Part One of 'Mastering the Virgin'

Buying the Virgin....

James is a Dom. Michael loves women. As friends of years, working the clubs, it seems that little can come between them.

Until James is offered the chance to 'Buy a Virgin'.

Will their friendship survive the strains this causes, and what will happen when he meets James' 'purchase'?

A story of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance

99 Cents. Available from all the Usual EBook Outlets

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The Boys are Back in Town....

James is a Dom. Michael loves women.

When the two become unlikely friends, they form a team, working the clubs and enjoying a carefree bachelor existence.

Until, one day, James is offered an unusual opportunity: to Buy A Virgin...

A Tale of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance.

'Bad Boys in Blue' by J L Beck

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Bad Boys in Blue

I’ve been a bad girl. A very, very bad girl, and I’ve got a wish or more like a demand.

I want the McGuire twins to share me and rumor has it they’ve done it before, but now that they’re the two big, bad boy cops I’m not sure they will. 

They’re all about protecting and serving but the only thing I want them to protect and serve is me.

And then I do something naughty enough to catch their attention and they give me an ultimatum they know I can’t refuse: I can either spend the night in jail or spend the night in bed with both of them. 

It’s a dream come true, handcuffs, batons, and two sexy bad boy cops, but will one night be enough for the three of us?

With my body cuffed to their bed, and at the mercy of their huge lengths I’m not sure I’ll ever want to be a good girl again.
After all being cuffed to the bad boys in blue has never felt so good.

New Rules by T N King

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New Rules

Life just couldn’t be better for Ellie White. Having the billionaire mogul by her fingertips, it feels like heaven is getting her life together while having a man like Morgan by her side. Everything has come full circle. Except—for the feeling she keeps getting that something lurks behind her—something dark and evil. 

Bringing in billions for Hunt Industries and keeping his girl by his side Morgan Hunt feels as if his future will be what he never dreamed possible. Everything is perfect—except for the feeling that something is wrong with his Ellie. When Morgan returns to New York, the trip brings forth a new set of problems to his life which risks him losing everything he had built, including Ellie. 

New Rules takes a dark turn for the two lovebirds as they take step into a hellish nightmare that may cost them everything. Can their relationship survives when an unknown enemy cross the line and threaten their future? 

'Mile High Club' by Laya d'Pearce

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Mile High Club

Long flights should always be this exciting…

No stranger to travel, freelance writer Kat Snow found interesting ways to pass the time on long flights, and it usually involved a hot man.

Checking-in didn’t bring her the usual upgrade to business class she expected, but Kat did cross paths with young, confident Damon… who made sure their chance encounter wasn’t wasted. Twice.

Seated next to silver fox Nathan, Kat discovered he had his own ideas for making time fly in the most… exciting of ways.

And while the mile high club was fun diversion, one man showed Kat that the ground was the best place to be…

Tempting Treats (Seasonal Shenanigans Book 4) by Caitlyn Lynch and Others

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Tempting Treats

Curated by USA Today bestselling author Caitlyn Lynch, Tempting Treats is a collection of Halloween-themed stories from some of the best new voices in romance.

Enjoy fifteen stories filled with masquerades, magic, and more. Ranging from sweet to sexy, this anthology will fill all your Halloween needs. You’ll be seduced by Fae and succubi, vampires and shifters, witches and werewolves as you’re swept away by the magic of Halloween!

Vampire Kingdom Box Set - Quick and Dirty Paranormal by Ivy Banks

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Vampire kingdom

All 15 of your favorite Vampire Kingdom books in one sexy box set!

The Hitman's Weakness
Private Lesson
Taming The Billionaire
Billionaire Boss' Obsession
Cowboy Crush
House Call
Double The Fun
Waves Of Pleasure
Rock Hard
The Starlet's Bodyguard
Billionaire Blackmail
Mountain Mayhem
Nurse On Duty
Trouble In Paradise
Dancer's Delight

If you like super sexy, quick, and dirty vampire romance novellas, you will love the Vampire Kingdom series!

Caine - Bad Boy Bodyguard by Maggie Carpenter

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Taylor Morgan is running for her life. Her pursuer is close on her heels, and bursting through the door of what she believes is a trendy boutique, she frantically searches for a place to hide.

Caine McCormick, a lifestyle dominant, is shocked by the frantic appearance of the beautiful blonde in his BDSM toy store, but when she begs him for help he bustles her behind the counter. A moment later the thug chasing her charges through the door, but as Caine faces him down, Taylor sneaks out the back and disappears.

Caine can't help but worry. Why is she on the run? He wants to help, but he'll have to find her first.

Sizzling suspense, spicy spankings, and steamy sex fill the pages of this romantic crime thriller. If you enjoyed Motorcycle Master, you'll love this new bad boy romance, the sixth in the Alpha Male Master Series. HEA and STAND ALONE.

New release: 'Teaching the Dom' by Grace Risata

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Teaching the Dom

oing door-to-door and collecting for charity is not the way Melody Lewis planned to spend her day off.  However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she arrives at the last house on the street and meets a most interesting stranger.

Konrad Steele does not like to be interrupted.  Needless to say, he was irate when a persistent visitor kept knocking.  That is…until he saw the beautiful creature waiting on the other side of the door.

New Release - 'Seal Team Alpha' by Zoe Dawson




Seal Team Alpha Book One


For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were the orders to tag and bag an international criminal, but when Bowie finds a captive American reporter, that wasn’t exactly run of the mill. Neither was getting separated from his team, teaming up with her or protecting her against all odds, while working to keep his hands from around her neck and off her delectable body.

Fearless and bold photojournalist, Dana Sorenson never backed down from a fight or to showcase her dedication to reporting on the human condition. That’s what she thought until she meets Bowie and big, bad, and tough takes on a whole new meaning. Gratitude for saving her ass gets lost in his demanding orders and fighting for her life takes a back seat to falling for this alpha male who’ll risk everything to see her safe.

New Release - $3.99 on Amazon

'Molly' by Tracy Lorraine

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Falling in love with your best friend is never going to be straightforward.

The only thing Molly has ever needed in life is to be wanted. She has made bad decision after bad decision when it comes to men but when the events of one fateful night changes her life forever will she find what she has always wanted with the one person she never expected?

Ryan thought his life was all planned out with his perfect girl but when tragedy strikes it changes his life forever. When he finds his relationship changing with the person who has helped him through his darkest days will he be able to move on and allow himself to be happy again? 

As the chemistry between them threatens to ignite them both it becomes clear that if they give into their desires that they could lose the closest people in their lives. 

Will their families accept what is between them? Is what has developed between them worth the risk?

Ticket to Temptation by Lilith Darville

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Ticket to Temptation

She’s unfulfilled. His urges don’t play by the book. Can a mysterious manor help them break free from the ties that bind?

Logan Archer is ready for a fresh start. After catching her hotshot lawyer husband screwing the secretary one too many times, the romance novelist takes a chance on an invitation to Blackstone Manor. She jumps at the opportunity to visit the mysterious haven of erotic exploration. But she never expected a freak storm to strand her there with her husband’s sexy business partner…

Daniel Masterson buries himself in work to keep his mind off his unique sexual appetites. His last girlfriend couldn’t handle it, but his partner’s wife seems game. As long as they can explore their fantasies without getting too attached…

Ticket to Temptation is a hot and heavy romantic suspense novel. If you like steamy sex scenes with a hint of BDSM, mystical settings with a paranormal flavor, and characters looking for a second chance at love, then you’ll swoon for Lilith Darville’s sensual story.

Captivated - Stile Before by Katherine King

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Captivated - Stile Before

Captivated: Stile Before reached #1 on Amazon and #2 on iTunes. If you like raw emotions, sizzling sex scenes, all while being kept on the edge of your seat, then you'll love this erotic romance story of Kate and Harley by International Bestselling Author Katherine King.

Claimed by the Alpha Daddy by Leela Ash

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Claimed by the Alpha Daddy

***He has CLAIMED her, but was it a mistake? And can they come together to save everything he has worked for before it’s too late?***

Gabe is angry. He's angry that his wife died, and he's angry that his pack is urging him to move on. He's a loyal guy, and the idea of abandoning his wife's memory leaves him cold.
But when he lays eyes on young and sexy Valerie, the wolf within him is awakened.
She's the kind of pretty that only girls who don't think they're pretty can be, and when he finds her being harassed outside his store, he has no choice but to step in.

Without thinking twice, the wolf stakes its claim on her, forcing Val into his life forever.
Both of them are panicked by the mistake, and things go from bad to worse as Gabe begins to uncover a conspiracy involving the land where his shop resides. Gabe knows he can't betray his late wife, especially not with a girl half his age, but when he is forced to take her into his home for protection, will he be able to save her from himself?