The Master's Sin

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7 Master's Sin 300.jpg

The Master's Sin


Elizabeth continues to prove her value to her Billionaire Master, Richard Haswell, both in business and the bedroom. However, she worrys about the enemy who is following her. 

This is a tale of BDSM erotic romance, featuring an Alpha Male Billionaire and a Cinderella submissive woman. 

Readers of this book risk wet panties, hot flushes and shortness of breath. 

Adult content. For mature readers only.

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Sample from the Book

I am already thoroughly aroused. They say that the best sex always starts in the head, and the anticipation of waiting for my Master to discover my dishabille, on top of the success of my suggestion regarding the Thorntons, has left me feeling high. My pussy is wet and warm and my Master’s hard fucking is rapidly bringing me to climax. He realizes this and withdraws.
Putting me down he orders “Into the bedroom, and bend over the bed.” 
I do as I am told, bending over the foot of the bed, my butt raised. My skirt has dropped down to cover me up again but my Master does not bother to remove it, simply flipping it upwards to display my naked buttocks and my engorged lips and pussy. “This is going to hurt Elizabeth. You can’t behave like that without being punished.”
“Sorry Master.”
“Sorry’s not good enough. This is only going to stop when you beg me for it.” and he slaps one buttock, hard.
I yelp, and reflexively try to stand, but his hand is on my back and he pushes me down again, face pressed to the bed. “Did I give you permission to move?”
“No Master.”
“Exactly. No.” and he slaps again, the other butt cheek. “You don’t move until and unless I give you permission.” This time the slap is onto my flooding pussy. And then another in the same place. The sting is exquisitely painful and utterly delicious. I do not know whether to scream or moan.