The Master's Obsession

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Master's Obsession 300.jpg

The Master's Obsession


Elizabeth's Rival

Elizabeth's erotic journey with her Master continues. However, she learns that she is being hunted and that she has a rival. 

This is a story of a billionaire alpha male, a submissive woman, in a tale of Cinderella, bdsm erotic romance. 

Adult content. for mature readers only.

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Sample from the Book

“Are you falling in love with me Elizabeth?”
I hold silent for a moment, then take my courage in my hands. “Yes, I am……..” I hang my head. “Are you angry with me?”
He almost whirls around, grabbing me again by the shoulders. “How could I be angry that one of the most beautiful woman I have ever known, the most intelligent, and certainly the sexiest, is falling in love with me?”
Suddenly, he crushes his mouth on to mine, almost bruising my lips in his fervour, crushing me in his embrace. I respond hungrily, leaning into the kiss, exploding inside as he scoops me up, carries me through to the bedroom and dumps me, unceremoniously, on the bed.
“I'll show you how a man makes love to a fucking star like you Elizabeth.”
There is a sparkle in his eyes and his smile is like sunshine as he sits beside me, enfolding me in his arms, his kiss deepening by the moment. I am totally unprepared by the sheer scale of my physical response to this. I am afire. In my head, skies are blue, the sun is bright and birds are singing.
My Master sucking and nibbling at my bottom lip, my heart begins to pound as I heat within, a familiar moistness between my legs. He trails kisses down my neck and then struggling briefly with the buttons of my blouse, unclips my bra with one hand, cupping a breast with the other to suckle. As he sucks and nips at my puckering nipple, I am working at his shirt. I want his naked skin and the smell of his maleness over me.
Sitting up, he helps me with the shirt, simply pulling it up over his head before discarding it onto the floor, then shucking off his trousers and shoes. His now naked body, bronzed, lean muscled and lightly haired, smells deliciously musky. I have never been certain if this is his personal scent, or some after shave that he uses, but it is deliciously his scent and right now, it feels like my personal property.