The Master's Fantasies


The Master's Fantasies


Under contract to her Billionaire Master, Richard Haswell, to fulfill his every desire as and when he wishes it, Elizabeth learns she has made an enemy. 

This is the fifth steamy episode of a Cinderella erotica tale of a billionaire alpha male and a submissive woman. 

Read this story if you want to enjoy hot flushes and wet panties. 

Adult content. For mature readers only.

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Sample from the Book

In the privacy of the back of the car, I say “I’d thought I had done something to upset you.”
My Master looks startled. “Why would you think that?”
“Well, you dropped me off at my old flat last week and then I didn’t see you again, or barely. And when I did see you, you didn’t speak. I….” I falter. Am I safe to say this? “… I, missed you.”
“I’m sorry about that Elizabeth. I have to say that I also missed our er…. adventures together.” He grins and flashes his eyebrows at me. “Don’t worry. I won’t neglect you - I don’t want you wandering off looking for pastures anew.”
“Oh I won’t do that. We have a deal don’t we. Anyway, I um…. I sorted myself out.” Then I blush crimson, realising what I have just blurted out.
A rainbow of expressions cross my Master’s face; surprise, shock and then a sunrise of sensual pleasure. He tilts his head, and then, taking my hand, presses it against his groin, moving my hand in his over him, showing me what was is required of me. Through the fabric of his trousers, I can feel his cock stirring into life. 
He leans closer into me, his voice low and breathy by my ear. “So, you missed me and you fucked yourself instead?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Yes what?” He presses my hand against his growing erection.
“Yes Master. I fucked myself, thinking about you.”
“I wanted you there, inside me. But you weren’t there, so instead, I lay naked on the bed and got myself off.”
“How? What did you do Elizabeth? Tell me in detail. I want to know.”
I am unused to this, and am not quite sure what to say, so I hesitate. 
“Elizabeth. I have given you an instruction. I want you to tell me, detail by detail, how you fucked yourself.”
“I spread my legs, and I played with my clit.” As I say this, my Master’s cock jumps under my hand. I feel it straining for escape. As well as I can through his trousers, I work him with my fingers.