The Master's Contract

The Masters Contract Book Cover 300.jpg
The Masters Contract Book Cover 300.jpg

The Master's Contract


Sex and Self-Discovery

Elizabeth's journey of self discovery continues with the man who wants to be her Master. She learns much of herself, and more of him, as he makes her an incredible proposal.

This is a Cinderella story of an alpha male billionaire and a submissive woman, bdsm and romantic eroticism.

Contains adult content and only for mature readers.

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Sample from the Book

“Go have a shower again Elizabeth.” he says. “You’re hot and uncomfortable from working. I want you relaxed.”

Even in my inflamed condition, I have to admit that this is a good idea. I nod and walk to the shower-room.

Stepping into the room, still steamy from my earlier visit, I start to unbutton my blouse, then can’t be bothered and simply lift it up over my head. For a moment, my vision is blocked as the blouse goes over my face, then as I can see again, I realise that he is in the room with me. I startle and he grins. “Don’t mind if I watch do you?”

I shake my head dumbly.

He nods in satisfaction. “I might decide to help. But let’s see how it goes.” His grin drops to a half smile and he tilts his head in that expression of his that I am coming to recognise. “Take your bra off Elizabeth. Slowly. And turn to face me. I want to see you properly.”

Turning to face him fully, I unclip my bra, black and lacy, then slide it slowly down my stomach before letting it drop to the floor. Then I start to unzip my skirt.

“No.” he says. “Not yet. Fondle your breasts Elizabeth. Caress them. Play with your nipples.”

He wants me to perform for him? I hesitate.

“I’m waiting.”

I cup my own breasts, then stroking and squeezing them, watch his gaze drop to watch. Suddenly I realise that I very much want to give him a show. I start tweaking and pinching at my nipples, making them crinkle and harden. I feel myself warming from within and flushing. He smiles again, knowing exactly what is happening. He really does have the most beautiful smile, starting at his lips and curving up through his deep blue eyes.

He speaks. “Don’t move. Stay right there.” and he walks out, returning only a moment later with the champagne bottle. “We’ll drink this in a while, but I have better uses for it right now.”

The bottle is chilled from the ice, running with condensation. He holds the cold glass up to my nipples, flicking over their already crinkled skin with the icy surface. I gasp at the sheer pleasure/pain of the sensation, not cold, just stimulating. “I’m going to enjoy training you Elizabeth.” he says.

“Sorry? Training me?”

“You’ll see.”  he says. “I’m going to fuck you raw in a while. But first you have to please me. You have to be a Good Girl.”