The Master's Desires

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The Master's Desires Book Cover 300.jpg

The Master's Desires


Bought and Contracted to the Billionaire

Elizabeth must keep her end of the agreement with her Billionaire Master, Richard Haswell. He will give her anything she wants. And in return she must give him anything he wants. 

Previously a penniless student, in dead end work to make ends meet, Elizabeth is showered with gifts, has a wonderful job, training and education, so that she will one day be rich and independent in her own right and mind-blowing sex. But she begins to have doubts. 

This is a tale of Cinderella Eroticism, BDSM, and an Alpha Male Master Billionaire. 

Adult content. For mature readers only.

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Sample from the Book

I am lying on a bed, blindfolded, my arms stretched wide above my head, chained to the bedposts.
I am wearing very little; a silky black camisole, stockings with black lacy tops and a matching thong which, right now, is doing little except act as a partial barrier to my flooding pussy.
My legs are spread and between them, kneeling I think, although I cannot be sure because I cannot see, or even move very well, is Richard Haswell, billionaire owner of one of the largest corporations in the country, perhaps the world. My Master.
Two weeks ago, I had had nothing. I was an almost penniless student doing dead-end work to make ends meet. Now, I have an amazing job, am receiving top class training so that I will one day be qualified and independent in my own right, am showered with beautiful clothes, wined and dined and taken to amazing places, and for all this, all I have to do is give my Master whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.
I think he is still clothed. I feel the smooth fabric of his tight cut black jeans rubbing against my open thighs, his erection pressed against my stomach.
His lips are suckling at my left nipple, tongue, manipulating and kneading it, sending electric currents of desire, shockingly, down through my stomach, hips and aching cunt.
He switches to the other nipple, and I feel him forcing my legs further apart with his knees, arranging me to his satisfaction. His hot breath on the sensitive skin of my beasts is making me flush and sweat, and I feeling his tongue trail along my cleavage, licking me dry. My breath is rapid and shallow, and as his tongue rides back to a nipple, he bites, not hard, but enough to startle me and I half gasp, half yelp at the almost-pain of his nip.
“No noise, Elizabeth.” he says. “This time I want you silent.” Then he bites the other nipple and I arch my back and shudder, trying, obediently, to be silent through my panting. 
One hand slides across my breast, pinches a nipple, then tweaks and teases until I know that it is a solid, erect bud, crinkling rose against my celtic pale skin. 
The other nipple gets the same treatment, and I writhe under him, my hips beginning to judder with the need to have him inside me. So far, he has touched only my breasts, belly and neck, not yet venturing near my streaming pussy and swollen clit.
“What do you want Elizabeth?” he asks in his deep, rich voice
What does he expect me to say? I want him to plant his mouth over my slit and suck me dry. I want him to fuck me until I can’t stand. But all I can do is moan incoherently.